Burke, Simunovich, Campion, Keldsen win July 22nd at Ocean Speedway

Burke, Simunovich, Campion, Keldsen win July 22nd at Ocean Speedway

Cody Burke, Dennis Simunovich, DJ Keldsen take second win of the year, Terry Campion grabs third straight victory!

By Sean Stanish

Watsonville, CA – Cody Burke of Salinas went back-to-back in the IMCA Modifieds.  In the first heat, the Burke brothers finished 1-2 with Austin coming out on top.  Cody Burke, Livermore’s Brian Cass, Salinas’ Robert Marsh, and Antioch’s Carl Berendsen completed the top five.  In the second heat, Bobby Hogge IV of Salinas beat Aromas’ Raymond Keldsen to take the win.  Manteca’s Darrell Hughes II, Santa Cruz’s Mike Vukelich, and Alex Wilson of Salinas rounded out the top five.  In the 25-lap main event, outside pole-sitter Cody Burke jumped out to the lead ahead of Alex Wilson, who started fourth.  The first yellow came out on lap four for Capitola’s Kyle Bryan, who spun in turn two.  On the restart, Cody Burke continued to lead, but had to battle with Bobby Hogge IV.  The pair raced side-by-side for several laps before the next caution came out on lap 11 for a spun Robert Montalvo of Livermore, who was making his Ocean Speedway debut.  Cody Burke was still at the head of the pack, but another yellow, again for Kyle Bryan, kept the field bunched up.  One lap after the restart, Cody Burke’s closest competitor Bobby Hogge IV’s night came to an end when his car quit running and came to a halt in turn three.  On the restart, Cody Burke pulled a slight gap over Alex Wilson and Brian Cass, but a caution on lap 16 for debris, gave them a shot at the top spot.  Another yellow, this time for Mike Vukelich, set up a seven lap sprint to the finish.  Cody Bur13838385_10205092104940726_1160122104_oke pulled away, while Alex Wilson and Brian Cass battled for the second position.  The duo straightened up and chased Burke back down in the waning laps.  However, Cody Burke was able to hang on for the win by a car length over Alex Wilson.  Brian Cass, Darrell Hughes II, and Watsonville’s Kenny Nott completed the top five.  The IMCA Modifieds are off until the Mike Cecil Memorial August 6th when the IMCA All Star Modified Tour comes to town, and with it, some of the best drivers in the state.  It will be $1,000 to win and $120 to start with a $20 entry fee.


Hollister’s Dennis Simunovich won his second main event of the season in the IMCA Sport Mods after a dominating performance.  In the first heat, San Martin’s Justin McPherson took the win.  Matt Hagio of Prunedale, Morgan Hill’s Jim DiGiovanni (driving Phil Indihar’s car), Ocean Speedway debutant David Pierce of Paradise, and Gilroy’s Michael Kofnovec Jr. completed the top five.  In the second heat, Dennis Simunovich was victorious over Morgan Hill’s Anthony Giuliani, Pacifica’s Shane DeVolder, Watsonville’s Adriane Frost, and San Jose’s Charlie Hunter, who rounded out the field.  In the 20-lap main event, polesitter Dennis Simunovich wasted little time to gap the field.  Behind him, Matt Hagio’s hood flew up and while trying to exit the track, made contact with David Pierce, bringing out the first caution.  Simunovich continued to lead after the restart as Justin McPherson and Shane DeVolder fought for second.  The next yellow flag flew on lap 11 when debris from David Pierce’s car came loose.  The final yellow came out on lap 14 for Michael Kofnovec Jr., who spun coming out of turn four.  On the final 13639825_10205092103540691_2127591399_orestart, Dennis Simunovich pulled away, but Anthony Giuliani was now up to second and the gap was shrinking.  All would be for naught as Giuliani’s car lost power in turns three and four on the last lap, giving up the runner-up spot.  At the front, Dennis Simunovich won by over four seconds as the field slowed for Anthony Giuliani’s stricken car.  Shane DeVolder, Adriane Frost, and Jim DiGiovanni complete the top five.  The IMCA Sport Mods are back this Friday before a special 30-lap, $800 to win, $50 to start race at the Mike Cecil Memorial August 6th.


Santa Cruz’s Terry Campion’s hot streak continued last Friday, as he parked it in victory lane for the third time in a row.  A bizarre eight-lap, nine car heat race unfolded with San Jose’s Robert Gallaher eventually taking the win.  First, San Jose’s John Farrell spun out of turn four, over corrected, and into the path of Sam Kennedy of Watsonville.  Both pulled off track, but Kennedy made repairs in time for the feature.  Under the yellow, Watsonville’s George Fernandez reportedly punched a hole in the oil pan, but was also able to make repairs for the feature.  The craziness continued when Gilroy’s Nick Triolo and Santa Clara’s Ken Winland both had engines expire in spectacular fashion a lap apart.  Both were done for the night.  This left Robert Gallaher in the lead, with Terry Campion, Watsonville’s Tony Oliveira (who did not make it out for the feature), and San Jose’s Katie Briggs completing the field.  In the 20-lap feature, Sam Kennedy led the way over Katie Briggs and Terry Campion, before a yellow came out for Briggs on lap six.  Briggs hit a slick spot in turn two, and slid into the path of Robert Gallaher.  Briggs would go to the work area, where crew members kicked the idler arm back into place and she returned to the speedway.  On the restart, Sam Kennedy lost the lead to Terry Campion, who then had to fend off Robert Gallaher.  Gallaher, however, pushed a little too hard coming out of two and turned it sideways to bring out the caution on lap 11.  On the restart, Terry Campion continued to lead, but Robert Gallaher quickly made his way by George Fer13835701_10205092104500715_441287932_onandez and Sam Kennedy and found himself back in second.  At the head of the field, Terry Campion pulled away to grab the victory by over a second.  Robert Gallaher was second, with Sam Kennedy in third, George Fernandez in fourth, and Katie Briggs being scored in the fifth position.  Kennedy would subsequently be disqualified for not reporting to tech.  The last tune up before the Mike Cecil Memorial is this Friday, July 29th.  The prestigious race is on August 6th and will be 80 laps, $600 to win, and $50 to start.


Prunedale’s DJ Keldsen picked up his second win in a row in the 4-Bangers Friday evening.  Aromas’ Paul Laoretti won the eight-lap heat race over Keldsen, Santa Rosa’s Will Fatu, San Jose’s Ray Bunn, and Felton’s Bill Beardsley.  In the 20-lap feature, Paul Laoretti led the first lap, as Will Fatu, Ray Bunn, and DJ Keldsen went three 13838570_10205092104220708_1638646004_owide for second.  Fatu, who is a regular at Petaluma and was making his Ocean Speedway debut, then spun out of contention while in second, but didn’t bring out a caution.  DJ Keldsen took the lead on lap five, as leader Paul Laoretti pulled into the infield with car troubles.  This first and only caution came out when Ray Bunn looped it around in turn two on lap ten.  On the restart, DJ Keldsen cruised to the win by over three seconds.  Kate Beardsley of Felton, Ray Bunn, and Bill Beardsley completed the field of the cars left on track.  The 4-Bangers are back in action this Friday


Photo Credits to Racing Edge Video Productions and Photo.

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