What started as an impromptu  series in 1991, the Civil War Sprint Car Series became officially sanctioned in 1993 at the direction of John Padjen Motorsports with aid from California Promoters as the series traveled to three different tracks. In 2013 the Prentice Motorsports Group took over leadership of the series and continues running it as it nears 30 years of operation. 


Civil War Series presented by Flowmaster All Time Winners

  1. Andy Forsberg- 30


  1. Sean Becker- 20


  1. Roger Crockett- 15


  1. Colby Wiesz- 13


  1. David Robinson Jr- 12


  6. Kyle Hirst- 10


  7. Stephen Allard- 9


  1. Shane Golobic- 8


  1. Jonathan Allard, Greg DeCaires, Tim Kaeding- 7


  1. Glen Boune, Mike Henry, Kyle Larson- 6


  1. Scooter Lambert, Ray Rust, Mark Hall, Steven Tiner, Andy Gregg- 5


  1. Shane Scott, Jason Statler- 4


  1. Kevin Urton, Jim Van Lare, Herman Klein, Joey Magaruh, Mason Moore, Justin Sanders, Bradley Terrell- 3


  1. Jamie Cobby, Monte Faccinto, Jeff Young, Brent Kaeding, Damion Gardner, Brad Furr, Dave Lindt, Jr, Mike Monahan, Kyle Schild, Brett Rollag, Jimmy Trulli, Brad Sweet, Mike Wasina, Jr, Tommy Tarlton, Tyler Walker, Rick Williams, Brandon Wimmer, Rico Abreu, Willie Croft- 2


  1. All of following have 1 Series win-

Mike Wasina

Brian Crockett

Tim Clauson

Bryan Bullard

Kasey Kahne

Bobby McMahan

Steve Kent

Ronnie Day

Richard Bailey

Mike Benson

Colby Copleand

Myles Bishop

Justyn Cox

Brad Duinkerken

Cory Eliason

Sean Fenn

Ryan Flynn

John Golobic

Mitchell Faccinto

Randy Hannigan

Tyler Haylett

Destiny Hayes

Jessie Hockett

Shauna Hogg

David Key

Kory Lovell

Adam McArthy

DJ Netto

Matt Peterson

Jeremy Phillips

Johnny Rodriguez

Billy Sellers

Mike Wagner

Zack Zimmerly

Jason Meyers


Updated 5/29


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